Craft Work

Our makers are critical to every And Objects piece, we work with a selection of the highest quality workshops, artisans and craftsman. This is a collaborative process and they work with our designs, test ideas and help us innovate until very detail is perfect. Traditional methods are very important to us and we respect the time and care taken with every process.


Our South London based upholsterer has been creating beautifully crafted one off pieces for over twenty years. All of our solid timber frames are individually constructed using traditional methods and the highest quality materials. For every And Objects piece we work hand in hand with the upholstery team who are able to expertly translate our designs into the beautiful pieces you see in the collection today. From the hand wrapping of leather on our Easton Dining Chair to the bold rolls of the Binderton Sofa, highly skilled upholsterers make every piece with complete care.


Tucked away on a farm in the Hampshire countryside our craftsmen utilise traditional woodworking tools and techniques, combined with modern machinery and creative thinking to produce our unique timber finished products. With a deep-rooted belief in the value of craft and craftsmanship, they are always committed to delivering the finest end product. Their small but dedicated team bring years of experience to take our designs from concept to realisation with the highest level of quality. They assist us through every stage of the process, including timber selection as well as the finish of each product and have become part of our team over the years in what is really a collaborative effort.


The idyllic Dorset countryside is the home of our metal workers. Their team of talented artisans and engineers share our enthusiasm for making challenging and beautiful pieces. Utilising skilled methods in brass and steel from cold forming and casting to precision machining. With over thirty years of experience working with leading designers from across the world they continue to push the boundaries and bring our pieces to life.