All metalwork will go through a process of oxidisation over time, this can enhance the product and add character but if you would like to return to the original finish then gently polish with a non-abrasive cloth.


We only use the finest hides which will age beautifully over time. All hides are unique and will have natural imperfections that add character, but all need some care an attention to prolong their life. Regular cleaning with a lint free cloth accompanied by a gentle application of Marseille soap a few times a year will keep the leather clean and grease free. We also recommend applying a good quality leather conditioner twice a year to prevent from drying a cracking.


The simplest way to clean your furniture is with a gentle, high quality furniture spray and a soft, lint free cloth. This will be all you need for day-to-day cleaning, but some timber finishes will require oiling or polish so please refer to the accompanying guidelines for your specific product.


Scagliola is vulnerable to water ingress. Being made of gypsum, it will quickly return to its natural state when water is added so coasters are advised for table tops. If your product comes into contact with water, please wipe dry with a lint free cloth immediately. Cleaning gently with a furniture polish spray will help retain the natural shine. 

Plaster & Resin

Both plaster and resin products should be kept dry, so coasters are advised for table tops etc. Use a dry, non-abrasive cloth to clean and a light furniture polish spray for more stubborn marks and stains.


Glass tops and panels should be gently cleaned with a lint free cloth. Wall lights, where appropriate, should be dismantled and washed in light soapy water before carefully being dried fully prior to reassembly.